Moonday for Crypto, Bitcoin is Ripto

What will you do with you $1200? Buy Bitcoin!

  • Not Trading Advice and We Have All The Tokens and Coins We Discuss. Do your own research and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

For the last few months, I dived into Crypto working with a client, and I have to say after spending some time watching the space and seeing developments and speaking to teams I could not be more excited. I wish I would drop this post a week ago, but I have been so busy I can barely keep up with sleep.

If you have $5000 K laying around or you are getting that $1200 Stimulie check, I strongly recommend you learn about Crypto, and the sooner the better. The solid ones are here to stay, and you can see some amazing returns if you follow some basic strategies and discipline. Coinbase and Binance reported seeing a surge in $1200 deposits right around when the Stimulus checks hit.

A tweet, published by Armstrong of Coinbase, shows that the percentage of deposits and buys worth $1,200 — the exact value of the stimulus check — recently increased over four times.

Percentage of buys and deposits worth $1,200 each day. Source: Twitter

Percentage of buys and deposits worth $1,200 each day. Source: Twitter

Today's rally is not related to stimulus checks but might be driven by the tension between China and the US, and other factors.

Ethereum has also been on the run with DeFi being on everyone's mind and Eth 2.0 phase zero just a week away it has been an exciting time for the ETH community. Ethereum as we know it today will eventually be folded into the Eth 2.0 upgrade in its entirety. The first phase of development for Eth 2.0 is focused on the creation of a separate proof-of-stake blockchain network called the beacon chain. On this new network, ETH holders with a minimum of 32 ETH can earn rewards in the form of annualized interest. To earn these rewards, ETH holders must have the appropriate hardware and software connecting to the beacon chain and a strong understanding of how the technology works.

Aside from other market factors ETH price growth rapid ascent to $320's could also be as the result of the news that the total value of funds locked into decentralized finance platforms (DeFi) reached $4 billion today.

According to the data analysis firm Santiment, ETH broke out of $300 for the 42nd time in history. An upsurge above $350 would be significant, according to researchers, because it has only happened three times in the past. Santiment stated in a tweet:

Another great coin that has been making a lot of notice in 2020 and I have been following for a while is Chainlink $LINK

Chainlink, which provides oracles through smart contracts, is primarily used by DeFi protocols. Oracles provide real-time market data and DeFi platforms need to implement oracles to operate seamlessly. LINK has been in the middle of a controversy that has affected the price, but I really like the project and the partnerships they have are really impressive. On June 13, in a Tweet $LINK announced that Google is integrating Chainlink into their smart contract adoption.

With Bitcoin volatility trading Bitcoin Futures is a great way to make healthy returns, especially if you have some time because of CV19. Digitex Futures (DGTX) will be launching its commission-free Bitcoin futures exchange to the public on July 31, after eight months of extensive testing with select traders. Scalpers and high-frequency traders can benefit from the fast order matching engine and trading ladder interface as trading small price fluctuations is made easier by the fact that there are no commissions.

Trading around $.10 this token delivered over 1000% ROI from the 2017 ICO. $DGTX platform has a zero-fee model combined with a one-click ladder trading interface and a lot of room to grow. According to a Tweet, $DGTX has hit a new 24-hour volume high of $1.4 billion traded.

Great day for Crypto markets and with Polkadot Raising $43M in 72-Hour private sale it’s a great day for the industry.




Founder and CEO of XVIO & GMB Direct

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Gene MIkhov

Gene MIkhov

Founder and CEO of XVIO & GMB Direct

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